Sarah Manski


Sarah Manski is a scholar of technology, political economy, and globalization at the University of California Santa Barbara. She studies uses of technology for democratization as well as technology as a site of social struggle. Her dissertation examines the use of blockchain technology by cooperatives, supply chain activists, and others to construct a global technological commonwealth, as well as countervailing efforts by established financial and political institutions to channel blockchain technology. In 2017, Manski founded the International Society of Blockchain Scholars. She is a University of California Regents Fellow, a fellow with the Liberty Tree Foundation, a member of the editorial board of the academic journal Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, and the editor of a special issue of the Journal of World Systems Research on technology. Manski has served in formal capacities as advisor to the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Network, a member of the City of Madison’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee, and as professional staff for the labor unions AFSCME and IFPTE, as well as producer of nationally syndicated labor and environmental radio programs. She received a Masters of Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and has published in the academic journals Strategic Change, British Journal of Sociology, and Law & Critique.