Paul Makowski

CTO, Developer, Co-Founder, PolySwarm

Paul brings over 10 years of experience in modern software exploitation, program analysis, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, cryptography, and low-level development.

At Narf, Paul has reverse engineered, sinkholed and written bespoke malware disinfection tools for Fortune 100 clients, has conducted cutting-edge research on partial homomorphic encryption as it applies to protecting network signatures and programs and has co-designed a confidentiality system for a public / private hybrid blockchain used for identity management.

Prior to joining Narf, Paul led cutting-edge information security research and development efforts, identified exploitable vulnerabilities in defensive tools as a Vulnerability Analyst for CERT/CC, was a web application security engineer for McAfee and won DEF CON’s CTF competition.

Paul holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and a MSc in Information Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.