Joe Mohen

CEO / Founder, Chimes Music

Joe is CEO and founder of Chimes Media, doing an ICO with actual SEC registration, so that its tokenized equities can freely trade. At Chimes, Joe purchased some of the largest music datasets ever created, repurposing them to consolidate Google search results related to music, like IMDB has done for film. Earlier Joe helped usher in the era of legal, free music, when he founded SpiralFrog in 2003, creating the licensing templates later used by the streaming music services. In 2014, Joe led the private equity buyout of Nylon Magazine, which he promptly merged with a fashion influencer network.         

Joe is best known for, where he managed the only major public election ever held over the internet: the 2000 Arizona Democratic Primary won by Al Gore, in which voter turnout records were shattered despite massive cyber-attacks. Joe assembled a coalition of companies to implement the internet computer security, including Cisco, Microsoft, VeriSign and KMPG.     

Joe’s first company Proginet Corporation was an enterprise systems management and security company, in which Microsoft and Novell were shareholders, which he took public, and which was later sold to Tipco. Joe also founded ParishPay, which automated the collection of donations for the U.S. catholic churches and was later sold to Yapstone.     

Joe has been interviewed by major media outlets across the U.S., plus BBC, Globo Brasil and NHK Japan. He was chairman at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Open Systems Committee, has spoken at conferences around the world, and publishes regularly.