Gina Morales

Founder / CEO, WebCapitalists Corp

Gina started in the world of cryptocurrencies in 2013. While managing the marketing for a five-star hotel in Puerto Rico, she got her first glimpse of bitcoin and was instantly fascinated by the possibilities. She traveled around Latin America, Europe and Asia to research the use of cryptocurrencies. During this search, she realized the potential for this new way of making transactions after seeing the difficulties people in other countries face, such as high fees and limited or no bank access. She formalized her efforts and continued around the world guiding people how cryptocurrencies work and their possibilities.


In 2016, Gina joined WebCapitalists Corp as vice president of ideas and innovation and now travels the world working to solve real life issues with blockchain technology. She holds a bachelor’s in communications and romance languages and a master’s in translation. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.