Brittany Kaiser

Co-founder, Bueno Capital and CryptoHQ

Brittany is a co-founder of Bueno Capital and CryptoHQ, as well as a director at Cambridge Analytica, where she leads in identifying and driving growth of new blockchain projects. As an early promoter of blockchain technology, she holds multiple advisory roles for high-level blockchain projects in Asia and Latin America.

Brittany is a leader in development and promotion of cutting edge technology, having spent her career supporting companies, governments and international organisations in adoption and integration. Her expertise began in data-driven political campaigns and projects for federal government departments. This work developed globally into international lobbying at the United Nations and European Parliament, including giving evidence to UN Working Groups and publishing work as a UN Special Consult.

Brittany was educated at Phillips Academy Andover, Edinburgh University, City University of Hong Kong, the University of London and Middlesex University. She holds qualifications in international relations, diplomacy and law.