Everything you need to know about Puerto Rico Acts 20 & 22

Why you will love

Puerto Rico

In the heart of the Caribbean, the US territory of Puerto Rico combines the quality of life brought by its privileged tropical splendors, with the lucrative nature of its financial and service hub. The Island’s unique relationship with the United States, provides you, and your corporation, with all the benefits afforded under the US Constitution.

Benefits of Puerto Rico Act 22

100% Federal Tax Exemption
100% Tax Exemption on dividends and interest
100% Tax Exemption on short and long-term capital gains
Tax Decree valid until 2036

Benefits of Puerto Rico Act 20

100% Federal Tax Exemption
3-4% Corporate Tax for up to 30 years
100% Tax Exemption on dividends
20-30 year Tax Decree

Puerto Rico, with its near perfect weather year round, surrounded by unspoiled beaches and the United States’ only rainforest as its beating heart, may have already been in your next travel plans. However, beyond its natural wonders, this US territory offers investors the most competitive jurisdiction in the US to place your home and office.  Puerto Rico is fully under the American flag, with all the protections afforded by the US Constitution, the US postal service, the US banking system, and  Federal law-enforcement agencies.

Puerto Rico’s strategic association within the United States, and its free trade and customs systems makes it an ideal bridge between the Caribbean, North, and South America – as well as one of the fastest growing service hubs in the region.

Public Law No. 20 of 2012 provides attractive tax incentives for companies that establish and expand eligible export services businesses on the island. On the other hand, the Public Law No. 22 of 2012 seeks to attract new residents to the island by providing certain exemptions from local income taxes on particular gains realized or accrued after the individual becomes a resident of Puerto Rico.

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